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Dana Naim Hafouta, is an Israeli dancer, emerging choreographer and dance teacher. Dana grew up and was professionally trained in Jerusalem. In her pieces, Dana deals with the tension that exists between the inner world, personal state of mind and the outer world. Dana takes great inspiration from the manner in which personal, cultural and social references are forged,  and explores how they shape body language and physical expression. Growing up in the multy-cultural Jerusalem, was a strong engine in shaping this point of view.

Dana graduated in honors her B.A and M.A studies of dance and choreography in the Jerusalem Academy Of Music and Dnace. Here pieces showed in Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary and Israel. As a professional dancer, Dana worked with JDT company, based in Jerusalem, where she worked with both Israeli and world wide choreogrpahers, such as: Liat Waysbort (NL); Eyal Dadon (IL), Francesca Harper (NY), and others. As a freelance dance artist, Dana is currently working with the choreographer Annabelle Dvir, and has worked with the choreographers Sahar Azimi, Maya BrinnerSharon Kashi, and Shekatek dance group.

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