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Show Me a Wondrous Moment, Even In a Flash

Expressing discontinuity of existence

A piece for two dancers and three laptops which explores the discontinuity of existence, discontinuity that is embodied in physical, mental and technological flashes and their constant cut: the existence as an endless interruption. Throughout the piece the dancers try to arrive and to stay within the flash, but its rapid vanishment shatters their attempt, and creates a physical and performative language of disappearance: a language that is based on massive physical efforts to ‘Capture the moment’ that reach a void, and suffer constant failure.

The piece is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture

The piece took part in the festivals: 1,2,3.. DANCE! Poland; SzoloDuo, Hungary; Quinzena De Danca De Almada, Portugal ; Istanbul Fringe, Turkey.


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