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Oh My Electric Eye (work in progress)

The endless process of locating human consciousness

A piece for three dancers that discusses the elusiveness of human consciousness, and the endless need to locate it, in order to feel a sense of control over reality. In this process I take inspiration from the quantom concept of Superposition: particles are everywhere, until you locate them. An electric eye, an observation mechanism, can capture their location while moving and determine their position. The analogy between the physical matter and the consciousness allows a further analogy to the entire universe: The electric eyes are the suns in the galaxy, our physical bodies celestial entities in a constant search of pself-placement.

The piece premiers December 2023 in 'From Jaffa to Agripas Festival' JLM Israel.

In this process I was elected as the Artist In Residence 2023 in the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, and won their support.


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