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Past shows and venues

December 2023 (to be presented):

Oh My Electric Eye Premiere

Venting premier

October 18th

Show Me a Wondrous Moment, Even in a Flash MASH 








September 1,2 2019: 'Sba De'ruach' in 'From Jaffa to Agripas' JLM IL.

July 25 2019: 'Minute Liberties' Smilansky festival Be'er Sheva IL.

July 19,20 2019: 'Sba De'ruach' 'Hahanut' theater TLV IL.

June 27,28,29 2019: 'Throne' premier, Intimadance festival TLV IL.

April 4 2019: 'Minute Liberties' MASH dance houde JLM IL.

October 7 2018: premier of 'Sba De'ruach Seven Souls', in 'From Jaffa to Agripas' festival, Jerusalem Israel.

August 28 2018: Photoshoot for 'From Jaffa to Agripas' with Ido cohen.

July 29 2017:

'Feedback pannel'- Presentation of the creation process of 'Sba De'ruach Seven Souls' in Gerard Bechar JLM.

March 11 2018: 'Minute Liberties', Jerusalem Festival of the performing arts.

January 20 2018: 'Latttice' Yael choreographers pannel, Jerusalem Israel.

November 24,25 2017: 'Minute Liberties', 'Habait' theater Jaffa Israel.

November  2017: 'Lattice', premier, 'Between Heaven and Earth' Jerusalem festival.

August 30 2017: 'Minute liberties', 'Kelim' center, Bat-Yam.

July 15 2017: 'Minute Liberteis', pre-premier, 'Feedback' finishing line, TLV.

June 22 2017: 'Measure Me', MASH- Machol Sahlem Dance series, Jerusalem.

May 10 2017: 'Measure Me' 4bid gallery, Amsterdam.

April 7 2017: 'Measure Me', Performa, TLV.

March 30 2017: 'Measure Me', 'Factory 3' Haifa museum.

September 1 2016: 'Measure me', MASH dance house.

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